Turnkey Installations

Single Source Turnkey Installations for process-related mechanical systems is the specialty of Shujauddin & Brothers.

We self-perform all process piping, concrete, steel erection, and equipment installations. Our knowledge and experience with large, complex projects adds value and leadership to all design assist, scheduling, budgeting and pre-planning efforts.

Equipment Installations

Shujauddin & Brothers’ equipment installation services include:

  • Dis-assembly and reassembly of equipment
  • Rigging, moving and setting
  • Precision alignment, leveling and anchoring

Concrete and Steel

Shujauddin & Brothers specializes in the concrete preparation and steel erection typically associated with our equipment installations.

Process Piping

Shujauddin & Brothers specializes in the fabrication and installation of process piping systems, such as those used to convey steam, condensate, gases, chemicals, fuels, water and waste, for all commercial, industrial, and ultra clean applications.

Instrumentation and Controls

Shujauddin & Brothers has a team of professional which focuses and specializes in the instrumentation and controls work associated with mechanical installation projects. We provide complete turnkey electronic and pneumatic control system installations


Shujauddin & Brothers is involved in manufactuirng of industrial process equipment and fabricated items such as Pressure Vessels, Process Skids, Tanks, Heat Transfer Equipment etc. The jobs are executed on Turnkey basis as per requirement of the client.